Bjørn Klauer: Mystic North –
The Silence Beyond The Arctic Circle

24,5 x 22,5 cm, Hardcover, 144 pages
Languages: English, Norwegian, German
ISBN 9788279591092
Publisher: Skald Forlag Norway
49,90 Euro

A journey through Northern Norway means travelling through mystical and beautiful landscape. Half of the year, Nature hibernates under snow and fright air. Northern Lights flash rapidly across the dark sky and Nature rests in an interminable silence until the sun returns in spring, bringing everything back to live again.

For more than 25 years Bjørn Klauer has travelled throughout Northern Norway with his sleigh and dogs. With his camera he has captured the most inspiring moments and in this book shares those unique experiences with us.

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The Book

Over 20 years ago, I was walking along a small road with Keito, my Husky in the middle of winter, heading East. Suddenly we found ourselves several hundred kilometres north of the Polar Circle, somewhere between Narvik and Tromsø.

The higher the snow-covered roads climbed into the mountains, the fewer villages we passed. Suddenly the road ended abruptly and we were welcomed by the deeply snowed-under mountain world. Despite having seen a lot of the Norwegian countryside in the last 2,500 kilometres of my walking tour, this new empire was new to my eyes.

The undisturbed, rugged mountain scenery, bathed in the warm light of the low-lying sun of February Polar nights, took my breath away. Unbelievably, the entire sky was covered in streaming colours, the deep blue lined mountains and red-streaked clouds astounded my central-European eyes!

The mountain ranges and valleys seemed endless to me and never before had Norway shown me such solitude as this area of the Dividal National Park. The impressions made by the spectacular landscape and the, for me, completely unfamiliar lighting of February stayed with me during the following years.

Years later, when I had made myself a new home in a deserted mountain farmhouse, this scenery opened up before me like a new dimension, a new rhythm, innate to the landscape. The snow, that from November on envelopes the landscape for the next seven months and brings Nature to a standstill.

The Artic nights, that extend an odd peacefulness over man and Nature. The first rays of sunlight joyfully spread out at the end of January, flooding the scenery with colour. The large herds of reindeer range into the mountains from the Eastern forests come the end of Winter, and Summer, short but intense, sets everything into motion and permits Nature, animals and humans, to get ready for the next, long, hard winter.

This recurring rhythm controls the lives of those who live from and with Nature and Nature determines all daily activities.

I have tried to capture this light and rhythm with my camera.

April 2007, Björn Klauer